In Brief

    • Hydraulic lift platform with perimeter pantograph frame and flow divider system
    • High stability against rolling and pitching
    • Access level at the vehicle loading bed
    • Perfect for aircraft maintenance service up to 9 metres height (7 mt planking level + operator)
    • 60 cm sliding for approach
    • Vehicle registration available
    • Safety and emergency devices according to current legislation

      The platform is anchored to the chassis of the vehicle and is equipped with four stabilizers.

      Powered by hydraulic cylinders thanks to a Flow Divider System (LIMA patent), the main feature is the 3 sides-perimeter-pantograph lifting system, surrounding the basket, that allows direct and easy access on the platform’s planking level, at the same level of the vehicle loading bed, and provides great rolling resistance.

Data Sheet

Walking plane maximum height7,00 m
Max Weight (including 60 kg of gear)200 kg
Maximum number of lifting operators2
Max wind speed allowed20,58 m/s
Maximum inclination allowed
Normal operating power supplyInternal combustion engine
Electric system power voltage12 V
Operating pressure of the oleodinamic system120 bar
Emergency power supplyHand pump
Pondered equivalent continuous acoustic pressure level < 70 Dba

Reference Norms

The referring normatives used for the designing and manufacturing of the PEP 7000 lifting platform is the European-norm EN 1915 (Aircraft ground support equipment).


The lifting platform is furnished with:

  • stabilizers control panel;
  • Control panel on the working platform.

Safety Device

Platform is conform with actual norms of health and safety.
Use of platform is only allowed when Parking Brake is set and stabilizers completely extended.
Automatic engine shut down in case of accidental intent to insert gear with stabilizers extended.
Platform commands only with “Present Hand” Hand Pump is available in case of failure.


The PEP 7000 model consists of a basement, a lifter and a lifting box. The basement is composed of a carpentry made structure securely anchored to the body of the automobile and contains the rolling system of the pantographer.


The fixed part of the basement is furnished with four stabilizers, each of them are worked by an oleo double acting dynamic cylinder, which assures a major stability to the automobile when platform is lifted.

Horizontal movement

On the top of the lifting device there’s the platform which is activated by a double acting oleo dynamic cylinder and can move horizontally in order to allow a safe approach to the A/C.