In Brief

The ATLAS stabilization and leveling system is the only one to use the power of the vehicle’s engine (on request an electric pump connected to the vehicle’s battery is available).

The 4 stabilizers work individually by remote control.

Each actuator works at 120 bar and is able to lift up to 25 qli.

The pump connected to the vehicles engine can reach 200 bar.

ATLAS is equipped with safety and emergency (hand-pump) devices.

In stand-by set up the stabilizers stay in shape with the vehicle thanks to the limited vertical overall dimension (100 mm).

The actuators work horizontally making the stabilizers start from horizontal and reach an almost upright position in their max extension, providing great stability and about 450 mm dynamic range.

ATLAS advantages below:

  • stabilization
  • levelling
  • no tyres radial run out in case of long stay
  • tyres replacement
  • snow chains assembly
  • easier water tank emptying
  • usefull to get wheels out in case of getting stuck
  • additional anti-theft thanks to safety devices connected to proximity sensors
  • thanks to horizontal position in stand by set up and work set up, the actuators are always protected and never come into contact with the ground