In Brief

The platform is made to lift operators to the level of A330/B777 aircrafts’ cargo gates for maintenance and assistance operations.

It’s made up of a main frame and a mobile frame sliding on it, both in aluminum profiles.

The main frame has 4 wheels for transport and positioning.

Both hydraulic and electric circuits find space inside of it.

Two hydraulic cylinders lift up the mobile frame and thanks to a flow divider, make it keep horizontal position regardless the weights position on the planking level. The access to the planking level is possible thanks to a variable slope stairway that follows the lift.

A towbar is provided for longer moving.

Planking level max height3,50 m
Max load500 kg
Max n. persons4
Max wind speed admitted20,58 m/s
Max slope admitted
Max voltage380 V
Max pressure120 bar
Emergency powerHand pump
Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level< 70 dBA
Max towing speed3 km/h