In Brief

The “H.E.R.CO. Cart”* unit is an electrohydraulic lift system for helicopter maintenance (AgustaWestland 139, 169 and 109). It’s made up of electric engine, pump, oil tank, electric circuit, hydraulic circuit with quick coupling hoses and hose reels, and N. 4 jacks. The operator can easily handle the cart and each jack thanks to a 2 wheels stick-lever.The 4 jacks are made up of threaded canes with safety ferrules in order to avoid any accidental falling.The operator can lift up and low down the jacks 4, 2 or 1 at a time at a safe distance thanks to the cart’s remote control.


*Optional: N. 4 load cells, centralized reading.

Jack Min Height
340 mm
Jack Max Height
780 mm
Cart Height
700 mm, 890 mm with coverage
Cart Length
1300 mm
Cart Width

1000 mm
Total Weight293 kg