In Brief

    • Perfect for aircraft maintenance up to 5/6  mt height.

    • Easy, safe and fast, it lifts up to 3/4 mt (planking level) and slides for the approach to the aircraft body.

    • Made up of AISI 304 stainless steel, it’s equipped on pick up vehicles, registration allowed.

    • Safety and emergency devices according to current legislation.

Data Sheet

Easy, fast and versatile in the use. Perfect for most of routine maintenance operations for transit or extended a/c checks.
It is a LIMA patent and we are the only producer and dealer in the market.
The versatility and simple use makes this Platform very useful to reach many of the most important parts of the a/c during maintenance operations.
Built in stainless steel metal.
It can be installed on most of Pick-Up vehicles available in the market.

Avarage lift up time25 s
Avarage low down time16 s
delivery capacity Kg. 200
WeightKg. 320
Max height from the ground mm 3120/4000
Mln height from the ground mm 510
Basket usable area width mm 745
Basket usable area lenghtmm 890
Sliding approachmm 340
DeckingPerforated steel
Hydraulic pumpCm3/rev 10.8
PressureBar 120

Safety Use

Platform is in compliance with current rules of health and safety.
Use of platform is only allowed when Parking Brake is set and stabilizers completely extended.
Automatic engine switch off in case of accidental intent to insert gear with stabilizers extended.
Platform controls only with “Present Hand”. Hand Pump is available in case of failure.


Platform including rear stabilizers are made by stainless steel not painted. All is protected against corrosion.


The Platform

The Platform is made up of a lift system and a basket.

The lift system consists in three sliding parts driven by two hydraulyc cylinders linked to a pinion-rack-chain device. All parts are self lubricating metal.

The basket is for 2 operators and thanks to a hydraulic cylinder it can slide 340mm longitudinally.


Stabilizers are controlled by a reduction micrometric valve for the automatic levelling of vehicle.

Stabilizer assembly

The Stabilizer assembly consists of 2 lateral stab actuators positioned near by the main cabin and by a flag type stabilizer with incorporated a step to easy access the main “working Box”.

The operation is hydraulic type obtained by a proportional distributor with two and three positions.

A safety automatic closure is fitted in the upper enter/exit door.

Safety lights fitted on upper part of cabin

Anti-slipstep access to box.

To comply with some airport rules a special exhaust lead is installed.

Oleo Dynamic system

The oleo dynamic system comprises of an oleo dynamic pump calibrated for a max press of 130 bars, driven by the engine of the vehicle.

Linking engine-pump is obtained by an electromagnetic switch commanded by dedicated switches incorporated in the oleo dynamic distributors.

Max regulating press valve: set the pressure for the operation of the hydraulic system.

Commands Features:

When platform is extended start and shut of engine commands are available .

Emergency hand pump available on ground for emergency operations.

Stabilizers command lever.

Safety separation between main box and lifting box.