In Brief

The hydraulic lift system PEGASO, anchored to the chassis, is made up of sliding aluminum profiles.

The motorcycle lift and lower to the ground is driven by a hydraulic power unit; the lift and lower is always flat thanks to a flow divider device driving the left and right actuators. All controls are available on the remote control.

An emergency device with hand-pump is available.

The motorcycle wheels are blocked into two ramps equipped with locking devices.

The ramps are anchored to the lower edge of the sliding aluminum profiles; the ramps are adjustable referring to the motorcycle’s wheel base.

The ramps with no motorcycle on must be magnet stuck to the  main frame in order to reduce the footprint of the vehicle.

The lift lights are adjustable thanks to a 90° rotating device depending on the ramps setup, with or without motorcycle.

During the lift the ramps’ blocking devices block the motorcycle wheels with a clamp effect thanks to the weight of the motorcycle itself.

A joint buckle on one of the sliding profiles grabs the hand grip under the saddle working as the third anchor point.

Main features:

  • functionality, speed and safety during the motorcycle loading/unloading;
  • no physical effort;
  • remote control;
  • no need of any loading/unloading ramp;
  • minimal operating space;
  • plate visibility and additional lights fitted on the lift system’s ramps;
  • minimal protrusion;
  • weight: 70 kg;
  • load capacity: 250 kg.

The system’s height from the ground, in the setup with motorcycle on, is designed to avoid collisions and damages (for example common in ship operations or facing big humps).